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Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy MCC, ESIA, and Sarah Wheeler PCC, BCC will provide a highly experiential workshop (delivered twice live at 11am and 6pm UK) to enable you to tap into intuition in your ‘business’ work and in your coaching. This powerful ‘muscle’ can be further activated with practice, to positively impact your decisions.

“Intuition is a critical element of strategic decision making, especially in situations where there is incomplete or complex information. However, we are not taught how to use our intuition in the same way we are taught to use our logical / rational thinking. As a result, we miss out on a huge source of valuable information to help us improve the quality of our decision making and communication. In this session, I’ll be taking you through some practical exercises so you can start accessing your intuition to help with an issue you’re currently dealing with. I’ll also be explaining what intuition is (and isn’t) and how to build it into your everyday work life.” Sarah Wheeler, PCC, BCC, Ex-Deloitte

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