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Introduction to Group Coach Supervision






Ringwood BH24, UK


£ 50

New Group Coach Supervision session with Shirley Thompson aiming to support those who are reluctant to invest in coach supervision regularly, waiting for those challenging client situations to prompt investment.

This group will ask the question “Who are you becoming as coach?” as a backdrop to the call (e.g. What philosophies, models and principles are comfortably supporting your identity?)

As coaches we know coach supervision provides essential learning about difficult situations with clients, but how do you feel about the value of regular supervision? Do you put it off until you have a difficult client?  Could the shared learning in a group encourage  your regular development?

Try this session to gauge how group work could support you. (Or, do get in touch for more info or to put your name down for another date.)

I usually offer 90-120 minute, 1:1 coach-supervision sessions, but these can feel expensive for coaches who are establishing themselves, hence this alternative introduction session to my approach, using an action learning set (for 3 coaches), that aims to keeps your development in focus.

If you value the session, there will be an opportunity to join a more regular group in future.

It’s important to have regular supervision as a coach.

  • To model a learning journey as a role-model for your clients.
  • To recognise the act of coaching offers the coach learning opportunities and to learn
  • Since coaching is for clients who want to develop in some way; it is important to show that you are developing too. As for your clients, it’s not just that you’ve been on training course A, B or C, it’s what you’re doing with the learning that matters.


Shirley Thompson is a highly experienced Performance & Leadership coach, NLP Practitioner and mentors/supervises new coachesWith an approachable, supportive, and occasionally challenging stance and with a pragmatic view and focus on responsibilities, Shirley can alternate between being supervisor, mentor and coach, according to what is requested in any situation.

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