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Integrating Nature into your Coaching Practice – an AC event






University of Cambridge, Madingley Hall, Cambridge


£ 21-38+VAT

In our modern technological age where connection with our emotions and inner world is under threat, it is important to consider how we can use nature in our coaching practice.  As coaches, we have the potential to use nature as a metaphor in our work and provide a space for clients to think more deeply about themselves and how they operate within the world.  Working in nature provides an opportunity for clients to reconnect with the wider living system, and there is scope for clients to tune in more closely to their own, perhaps hidden nature and to develop a stronger connection with both.

During the evening, which is taking place in the beautiful grounds of the University of Cambridge [designed by Capability Brown], Margaret will provide further input on coaching ideas and the benefits of working with nature and will facilitate both group working in nature and ensure 1:1 work to try out some new ideas and ways of working.  Practical coaching tools like timeline working and using cognitive behavioural coaching techniques will underpin working outside.

By the end of the workshop you will have:

  • Experienced the benefits of coaching outside in deepening your own connection with nature and increasing your self-awareness as a coach.
  • Practiced several effective coaching interventions in nature.
  • Examined the practical issues to be considered when working in nature.
  • Taken a ‘breath of fresh air’ and looked at your coaching practice in a different, more holistic way.
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