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£ 2995

New this year, a workshop series delivered onsite – by Executive Coach, Laura Re Turner – to put energy and focus back into your new product development team.

Comprises three one-day sessions for the whole team, plus one-to-one coaching for your facilitators, to give you the techniques, processes, and confidence to bring innovative ideas to market. A pragmatic approach that combines the best of iterative development with team coaching to help you get a new product or service to market. Suitable for a cross-functional team of 6 to 10 people. Listed cost is per team.

Session 1: Identify the opportunity

  • Clarify the market opportunity and uncover your customers’ real needs
  • Create a stakeholder management plan
  • Write a strong guiding vision statement for your project

Session 2: Develop iteratively for feedback

  • Prototype an idea to elicit feedback and generate options
  • Apply creative brainstorming techniques
  • Develop a business case to measure the success of product development

Session 3: Release a minimum viable product

  • Structure development iterations that focus the team on business outcomes
  • Eliminate waste in product development effort
  • Release a minimum viable product to market

Learning outcomes for your team

Participants take a real business problem, learn how to see possible solutions in new ways, and get iterations of a new product or service to market. A pragmatic combination of Design Thinking, Scrum, and Lean Startup is used in an end-to-end process.

As a result of committing to the workshop sessions, you will:

  • Increase the team’s capacity for self-organisation, creativity, and collaboration.
  • Transform meetings into workshops that engage team members for brainstorming, planning, and making tough decisions.
  • Learn the collaborative behaviours needed to bring a new product or service to market.
  • Define and measure feedback from stakeholders to improve development iterations.
  • Develop two leaders with the facilitation skills to act as true ‘servant leaders’.
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