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How to Build a Solid Coaching Practice and Challenge High Performers with Alex Kergall

Hosted by The Henley Centre for Coaching.

Alex will share his journey on how he scaled up to a six-figure business in a few years. An array of topics will be covered: What does it really take to be a successful professional coach? What steps did Alex take to become a leading coach? What can you expect as a newly qualified coach? Alex will also be touching on one of his passions in the coaching field – how to track and communicate the return on investment (ROI) of your coaching practice.

Alex Kergall

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Alex Kergall is co-founder and CEO of high-performance coaching agency Altior, the business he built while working full-time as Director and Financial Controller for the National Basketball Association (NBA), alongside running his own coaching practice.

Labelled one of London’s top coaches by Influence Digest and the recipient of the Innovative Executive Coach of the Year award, Alex also sits on the Forbes Coaches Council and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health. His clients range from high velocity scale-up businesses to world-class athletes and his mission is to support changemakers in actualising and amplifying their positive impact in the world.


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