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Imagery Techniques for use within Coaching & Coaching Psychology Practice: A skills based workshop






Edinburgh, UK


£ 77.80-95

This workshop will provide skills practice for practitioners who want to integrate a range of imagery techniques within their coaching or coaching psychology.  Although the *techniques are generally used in cognitive behavioural, rational emotive and multimodal coaching, they are suitable for most coaching approaches and contexts.The techniques assist coachees or clients to:

  • practise imagery skills,

  • improve goal-focus,

  • increase motivation,

  • enhance self-efficacy, resilience and confidence,

  • reduce stress, performance anxiety and anger

  • become more relaxed

  • enhance performance and wellbeing

​The workshop is recognised by the International Society for Coaching Psychology as providing CPD/CPE for its Members. It is a British Psychological Society Learning Centre Approved workshop. The course is run in association with the Centre for Stress Management.

Delegates will be expected to work in pairs or triads in order to practise some of the techniques and skills. Pre-workshop reading will be emailed as a PDF and/or links to online resources.

• To become knowledgeable about a range of imagery techniques

This skills based workshop will help participants:

  • To become knowledgeable about a cognitive model of imagery

  • To understand the link between imagery, goal blocking and goal focused behaviours, cognitions and emotional responses

  • To become knowledgeable of imagery techniques that may be helpful at the start of coaching

  • To practise a number of imagery techniques used for coaching interventions including imagery improvement exercises, goal focused imagery, motivation imagery, coping imagery, time projection imagery, resilience enhancing imagery, anger reducing imagery

  • To become knowledgeable about the benefits of using nature inspired imagery to enhance wellbeing and resilience based on ecopsychology research

  • To use imagery worksheets to enhance the use of imagery techniques

The approach is based on the published works of Arnold Lazarus, Albert Ellis, Angela Puri and Stephen Palmer.

Trainer: Prof Stephen Palmer PhD CPsychol FAC (Hon) FIMSA (Hon) FIHPE (Hon)

*These imagery techniques can also be applied within counselling.

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