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ICF Webinar - Dreamwork for Coaches








£ 12.50 - £40.00

Your Speaker : Will Sharon

The webinar starts with a brief poll to understand the experience of the audience with dreams.  We then discuss how the basic tools of coaching (active listening and asking powerful questions) are utilized in Dreamwork.  We then look at several concepts in working with dreams (3 levels of listening, discarding the idea of “subconscious”, using Active Imagination to re-enter a dream) and then we will work with one or two dreams brought by attendees to provide a practical experience followed by a debrief.


Key Outcomes:

  • Demystifying working with dreams for coaches.
  • Understanding how to listen to dreams by leveraging the levels of listening that coaches already possess.
  • Creating greater trust with their clients by honouring an experience (dreaming) that is often dismissed and holds the potential for powerful transformation.

1.5 CCEU Core Competency (to be confirmed).


Your Speaker : Will Sharon

For the first 13 years of Will’s adult life he worked in psychiatric facilities, initially as a teacher in a children’s unit and then as a therapist at the VA.  He holds a clinical degree from the Hunter School of Social Work.

Following a few years as an actor, bartender and law school student Will taught himself the basics of telecommunications and initially worked in technology on Wall Street. What followed was a 30+ year international career in IT, real estate and risk management in financial services, advertising and consulting.

More recently as a coach he became interested in leveraging the power of dreams in the coaching process. The context of coaching in seeing people as whole along with the basic tools of active listening and asking powerful questions is the perfect combination for this work.  Will uses Dreamwork with his clients who range from executives, artists and other coaches to help them understand their soul’s purpose. He also teaches a virtual course in Dreamwork that will be expanded into a certification program in 2019.

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