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What happens when you look beyond the usual suspects and coach where people have lost all hope?

Clare Norman challenges assumptions about who coaching can benefit as well as sharing the comedy, the tragedy and the many mistakes she’s made over the years. She’ll welcome questions and looks forward to hearing who else works with people who are socially excluded, so we can all share ideas with those who’d like to explore this richly diverse, yet largely untapped, area.

Clare believes coaches can bring about extraordinary transformation and rekindle hope in the bleakest of environments.

Laugh and learn about tales, tools and insights linked to coaching at all levels in prison and out; because we don’t want our clients just to be good, we want them to be great.


Key Outcomes:

Clare believes there’s greater potential in a prison than any Oxbridge college?

  • Be challenged to push your coaching limits and to reach out and use your skills in new ways to achieve the greatest possible change.
  • Be inspired by just how far coaching can help people change their lives: it can work anywhere.
  • Be supported by a growing community coaching socially excluded people across the world. Adding more strings to our bow benefits us as coaches just as much as those we help, if not more.

1.5 CCEU Resource Development.


Your Speaker: Clare Norman

Clare challenges and supports people to reduce inequality and crime; working as a consultant and coach in fields including counter-terrorism, mental health and prostitution.

She founded a charity in a prison in 2010 that’s helped over 1,000 men, women and young people convicted or at risk of offending in our communities. The ideas behind Coaching Inside and Out (CIAO) have spread internationally.

Clare encourages coaches to explore where else they might use their skills as well as inspiring others to explore the magic of coaching. Her revolutionary book, Coaching Behind Bars, was recommended by The Times for its “dark humour”.

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