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ICF Approved Group Coaching and Facilitation Training – with Marie Quigley at Empower World

Are you ready to

  • Increase your income and reach more people with your work
  • Make a powerful difference through serving more people versus one to one?
  • Create a ready to go group coaching programme template which can be used immediately and time and time again

In these challenging and uncertain times, we are all searching for more connection with like-minded communities where we can have open, honest, heartfelt conversations. Using the power of our collective hearts and minds and partnering in collaborative conversations expands our thinking and deepens our awareness. We can empower not only ourselves but also the larger community as a whole.

In 2020 we noticed a bigger demand from our clients – calling out to experience coaching in small in group programmes. Many of our coaches are ahead of the field and over the past years have chosen to say YES! to joining our group coaching and facilitation programme. They are now successfully running group coaching programmes for  parents, teachers, small business owners, work life balance, confidence building skills and so much more. Other internal coaches have skilled themselves up to offer group coaching within  their organizations offering so many benefits such as more effective communication, more effective listening skills and group coaching skills in the workplace to name just a few.

Grounded in the ICF core competencies, the safe and intimate space of group coaching allows our clients to get clear about their own goals as well as have accountability partners with the group to ensure even more successful outcomes.

There has never been a better time  than now to expand our learning using online platforms which enables us to meet people from different cultures, ethnicity, and  diversity and the globe. And with finances being tighter for some of our clients the group experience  allows more flexibility in payment for individuals and yet offers a healthy income for the coach with the same time commitment as one to one coaching – offering a win/win for all everyone involved.

Coaching and facilitating group conversations requires skills beyond the foundations of coaching with many factors to consider, such as:

  • the group’s collective purpose as well as the individuals within the group
  • how to harness the collective intelligence of the group
  • creating outcomes to move forward together
  • supporting the system a whole and individuals
  • being aware of the system dynamics both in and out of the immediate system or group you are working
  • ensuring equal opportunity for system members to speak
  • and so much more

This programme is for you if you are ready to ..

  • Expand your abundance and reach more people with your work
  • Make a powerful difference through serving more people versus one to one
  • Learn how to expertly coach and facilitate groups
  • Understand processes and ways to accommodate the differing requirements of individuals within the group
  • Walk away with a ready to go coaching programme  template that can be used time and time again

This 4 x 2 hour programme commences on February 2,9,16 and 23 Inclusive, from 4pm-6pm UK time

If you are ready to walk away with all the strategies,  processes and tools we have learned and avoid the pitfalls that we have experienced when designing and facilitating group programmes and design a ‘ready to go’ group coaching programme then email for more information.


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