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ICF Accreditation Lock-In: for ACCs going for re-accreditation or PCC






SO427YG, Beaulieu


£ 590

What is the lock-in?

The lock-in enables you to accumulate 7 of the 10 mentor coaching hours you need for ICF accreditation, and to break the back of recording your coaching and coach training hours.  But that makes it sound like a box-ticking exercise; and it’s much more than that.   Previous participants say that they have sharpened their coaching edge, as a result of attending this intensive yet reflective retreat.

Why come to the lock-in?

100% of people who have submitted their application for ICF accreditation after attending the lock-in have passed.  About 50% of them came to the lock-in because their current and potential clients were telling them that they had to be accredited to (continue to) work with them.  That appears to be the way the organisational world is moving, so if you are not accredited in the future, you may find it gets more difficult to fill your pipeline.

What makes the lock-in so special, compared to other mentor coaching programmes?

  1. You get 7 of your 10 required mentor coaching hours in one fell swoop
  2. You also get the time and space to dedicate to completing the administrative part of your application, which is the bit you may have been procrastinating about!  Doing it alongside a bunch of others doesn’t feel so dull!
  3. You’ll be in the midst of the beautiful New Forest, and can enjoy rejuvenating walks whilst looking out for our wild ponies and donkeys
  4. You’ll feel nurtured
  5. You’ll make some great friends who have supported and challenged your learning – and at the end of the weekend, you’ll wonder why you were so anxious about exposing your coaching skills in front of them!
  6. Clare is an award-winning designer and facilitator of individualised development programmes that create sustainable change

“Masterfully facilitated by you Clare. The environment and flexibility really supported my own reflections and enjoyment – It felt very liberating and insightful. I carried whatever it was with me with a group of 7 leaders over 2 days and felt a lightness and ability to let go a little more.”

“You do hold a very safe space for the coaching and have a light touch with the admin – both of which meant that I felt so relaxed and had a deeply enjoyable weekend.”

 “This weekend was beyond what I\\\’d expected and I feel I learnt greatly from you all.”

“ A great investment”

When and where is the next lock-in?

Autumn 2019 11 – 13th October – register your interest here

How do you book and what does it cost?

If you have questions, or still want to be convinced that this is the right investment for you, please do call me on 07775 817 344.  The cost is £590 + VAT with discounts for early bird payments.



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