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“How to…” Series - A Panel Discussion on Professional Development








For Coaches


£ 10 non-members / £5 members

Hosted by the Association for Professional Executive Coaching & Supervision.

Panel: Russell McCann, Systemic Coach & APECS Accredited, Elizabeth Crosse, and Anna Lewis, Executive Coach and Consultant.

APECS Host: Eve Turner.

The variety of psychological models and multitude of routes to becoming accredited can be daunting. This session addresses how we might take our coaching practice further taking a look at the different coaching styles and “schools of thought”, including routes, options, and processes for becoming a qualified coach.

What to expect and who is this for?

The sessions promise to be a series of lively, informative, and dynamic panel discussions, where experienced members may offer their expertise to newer members, therefore facilitating growth and development at all levels.

How to Prepare

Please bring along a question or two as this session is designed to be highly interactive.

We have such a wealth of knowledge and skill at APECS and we are keen to continue creating more opportunities to share and harvest these insights. We hope to see you there!

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