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How to Protect Your Confidence in Tricky Times








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When our confidence dips our productivity takes a hit. In this online Zoom session participants will learn how to protect their confidence.

About this Event

There is general agreement that when our confidence is high, we achieve better results, and we are more motivated to take action. However, when our confidence is down, we can retreat into our shells and procrastinate and not much gets done.

How do we protect our confidence in tricky times? How do we prevent it dipping so low that there’s a feeling of overwhelm? A feeling of losing control, a feeling of inadequacy…

Dave Stitt has developed his own Daily Confidence System; it has helped him overcome his ups and downs in confidence. It’s a straightforward and easy to implement daily system; it works for him and it works for others too.

Dave believes in sharing the useful stuff he knows with others. Recognising that in these current times confidence is at an all-time low… it’s time to share it with you.

In this one-hour online session, Dave explains why we lose confidence, it’s a normal human condition, and will describe his confidence system so participants can develop their own, and keep their confidence topped up, even in these tricky times.

In this interactive session participants will be supported and challenged to look at their approach differently and generate new thinking – there will be opportunity for input, both spoken and by using the Zoom chat function.

Each session will be limited to 20 participants.

Here’s what others have said about this session:

  • Very good and practical. Useful to step out of fast lane and consider these things. I figure that if I apply even a part of Dave’s approach, I will see improvement. Juliette Stacey, CEO, Mabey
  • Dave connected very well with the group and I trusted everything he presented. Andrew Costa, Partner, Ryder Architecture
  • A timely reminder that confidence is built on good habits and on learning to appreciate one’s progress and success. Susan Doering, Executive and Career Coach
  • It’s engaging, thought provoking, practical and reflective and promotes learning. Marie Quigley, Director & Co Founder, Empower-World
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