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Hosted by Dr Richard MacKinnon & Dr Rachael Skews

If you’re interested in introducing coaching to your team or organisation, you may be feeling overwhelmed with the options available.

What kind of coaching? Who should have access to it? How do I find the right coaches for my organisation and culture?

At WorkLifePsych, our Coaching Psychologists are recognised experts in coaching and want to ensure everyone gets the high quality coaching experience they’re looking for.

In this free webinar, Dr. Richard A. MacKinnon and Dr. Rachael Skews will explain:

  • Why not all coaching is equally successful
  • What effective coaching looks like
  • How coaching can help with a range of challenges
  • What to look for in a coaching provider
  • How to introduce coaching to your employees
  • How to minimise the administrative load
  • How you can upskill your own managers to be coaches

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