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How To Charge What You're Worth - And Get It® (Group Coaching)






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£ 2500

Group Coaching for Women Coaches, Trainers and Entrepreneurs (and some Men too)

• Do you want to build a sustainable coaching business that produces a good living for you and enables great results for your clients?
• Would you like to escape the feast-and-famine that so many coaches experience?
• When you’ve got clients (feast) do you forget about marketing and just hope the good times will continue with no action on your part?
• Do you get depressed and anxious when there is no work coming in (famine)?
• Do you want to create a mindset that lets you magnetise clients who want YOU?
• Do you work best with the combo of working alone AND group dynamic?
If yes to any of the above, this is the offer I’ve designed with you in mind!
In this new programme designed for coaches and trainers who want to grow a sustainable profitable business and give great value to clients without working more hours, I show you:
– How to grow a strongly confident mindset (with no hint of arrogance) so you quickly turn round any moments of doubt
– How to repackage what you already offer so that you further expand your own confidence and give even more value to clients, and in so doing become so convincing in how you speak to clients that they ask to buy
– Other ways to make your current services even more magnetic to clients (without working more hours) so they want to pay your premium prices
– How to be crystal clear on your niche (and be sure you have picked a good one) so that what you say resonates with your best target clients and they are keen to purchase from you
– How to inspire your clients to buy, in a totally ethical and non-pushy way
– How to price your services so that you are paid what you are worth, without working more hours
– How to make your business profitable and sustainable, giving you TIME to develop your own skills and learning, MONEY to enjoy and to give to causes you believe in, and FREE TIME for fun outside work.


I’m inspired to share this because…

As a coach and trainer myself for many years I’ve experienced the ups and downs that are inevitable in business, and the scary feast-and-famine cycle too. And, as an entrepreneur for nearly 20 years, I’ve invested in finding ways out of it and I invite you now to take advantage of the successful techniques and insights that I share with you in this programme.
Now with new pricing strategies, techniques and mindset, which I have tested myself and with clients, I’m confident that I have turned the situation around for good.
These solutions form the core of my signature system for entrepreneurs, recently launched as “Business Growth And Empowerment” programmes. They are designed for committed women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial senior managers (some men fit in too) who want to put “soul” into their work yet are ambitious for real financial success – and who know they can’t do it alone.


Six Benefits

To summarise, this group coaching and mentoring programme is designed to give you SIX very valuable benefits:
  1. Confidence (without arrogance) so you convince clients more easily of the value they gain from working with you
  2. Understanding how to package your service so you give more value to your clients and can raise your charges, without working longer hours
  3. Guidelines and templates so you can save time
  4. Pricing formula that’s tried and tested, so you can easily calculate new prices
  5. Teaching, coaching, ideas & insights so you build a profitable sustainable business
  6. The confidence to charge what you are worth and get it, with ease and grace.


How it works

In a small hand-picked group of experienced coaches, trainers and facilitators, mostly women, I show you how to follow the tried and tested, proven system that I use myself so that you enjoy what I’m now enjoying:
  • Confidence
  • Client success
  • Sustainable profitable business.
We will coach together for 4 months  over Zoom, so you don’t have to travel to Oxford. During this time you gain accountability, inspiration and group support, as well as my personal support and coaching, plus valuable content on:
  • Choosing your profitable Niche
  • Signature System
  • Packaging your offer
  • Pricing
  • Your Money Mindset


What’s included

  • 2 group coaching calls per month by Zoom (6-8 calls in total) 60-75 minutes each
  • Access to my IP (intellectual property) for your own use: worksheets, models, etc
  • Content modules (as above) with templates and exercises

Bonuses so that you get going fast:

  • 1 individual coaching call
  • Money Mindset mini-module sent in advance


Are you right for this?

 We have just 4 places left for you if:
  • You are an action-focused experienced coach, trainer &/or consultant
  • You want to grow your business sustainably
  • You want to increase income by charging what you are worth and no longer undercharging your expertise
  • At the same time you want to give more value to clients
  • Without working long hours.


How to apply

Application is by 1:1 conversation with me, Alison Haill. The conversation is confidential, usually over Zoom. During the 30-minute call:
– You will clarify your vision for your business
– You’ll pick up tips and insights
– You’ll gain recommendations and a plan of action.
If your objectives match with the contents and goals of the Group Coaching, you will be offered a place in the group. Or, an alternative recommendation will be made. If the group is already filled, you may wish to be added to the waiting list in case there is a cancellation.
Only 4 places left.
Closing date: Friday 17 May 2019.
Coaching start date: Exact date to be decided.
Book your call here now: or email me directly.


Your investment

There are 2 ways to make the financial investment: you’ll get details on the call with me.
Apply now so you are eligible for the Quick Action Thank-You. Registrations received by midday on 17 May gain this thank-you gift (value £575):
  • The Money Breakthrough Method, the 1:1 call with me where I take you through a structured process that transforms your money beliefs. Clients love it:
“Really valuable session. Thank you so much. It really feels like a breakthrough. I can feel a weight off my shoulders already.”
“I just love it (the result). I’m so grateful. I’ve had a lifetime of carrying this. Getting clear and the complexity is amazing. Thank you so much.” 


Next step

Application is by conversation. Book yours with me now here and I’ll answer all your questions on the call.
We have just 4 places left for action-focused experienced coaches, trainers!  Apply now to join us.
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