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Join This Dynamic Group Coaching Programme for Coaches, Mentors, Facilitators and Consultants – with Alison Haill

Starts end of February – date to be confirmed

Is this you?

  • You’re keen to build your business stronger in 2021
  • You’re ready to find new solutions for today’s business situation – and tomorrow’s
  • You’re looking for ways to show your uniqueness – so clients choose YOU in 2021 and beyond
  • You’ve been impacted by the recent lockdown and you’re ready to take action to create a flow of clients wanting YOU

Then my group coaching programme ‘Charge What You’re Worth And Get It®’ is designed with you in mind.

This is Group Coaching with a difference.

And Group Coaching that makes a difference. Even in a pandemic.

Read what members of the group say

They started their 6-month programme in March 2020!

“Lean in because the return is far-reaching, wide and exciting. I’m braver, much braver. I’m really chuffed at the new work I’ve got. I’ve gained much more than the area I targeted at the start [raising my fees]…. and my prices are up 30%.” Lucy, Executive and Teams Coach

“The investment I made in your programme has been repaid 4 or 5 times (and I’m only half-way through) in the successes I’ve had already as a result of changing my pricing strategy, being able to attain and get new clients, put together new products that I’m now selling into new sectors…. it’s been phenomenal. In fact, it’s been the best development I’ve done – second only to my masters – and I’m only cross I didn’t do it before.” Grainne, Executive Coach

Who is it for?

‘Charge What You’re Worth And Get It®’ is for ambitious, experienced women who run their own service-based businesses, like coaching and consulting. Who know they give fabulous value to their clients and want to be well paid for their expertise. Who want a business that is sustainable, profitable and fun.

As an Executive Business Coach myself, running my own expertise-based business for the last 22 years, I know what works for today’s businesses. It works for mine – and for my clients. In 2020 too.

Having invested ££££s over the years learning from marketing experts, I have now distilled the essence of all that learning and I’m ready to share it with you, combined with my own practical business experience.

I’ve created this structured 6-month very practical programme to share what has worked for me, and will work for you.

Are you ready to join us?

My tried and tested system gives you a new mindset combined with important insights (and content) on Niche, Brand, Packages and Pricing. You are empowered to confidently charge what you’re worth so you can be the well-paid expert in your own services business.

  • We start in February 2021 (exact date TBC)
  • We coach together for 6 months, so you make a really strong start in 2021
  • In a small group for personalised attention and much better results

You’ll increase your business savvy and self-belief so you speak with more conviction easily attracting clients who say YES to your new offers & prices.

  • You’ll love the accountability, support, coaching and content
  • You’ll get  the momentum and enjoyment that’s often lacking when you work alone
  • You’ll feel supported and invigorated by the mix of group and 1:1 coaching
  • So you’ll take more action and achieve more as you grow your sustainable profitable business.
  • AND you learn how to turn sales talk into yes-conversations without being pushy or sales-y.

Don’t just take my word for it…

“Just half-way through the programme, I can feel the difference.  I’m clearer on my goals, what is really important to me, and I’ve changed my mindset so I’m more effective as the CEO of my business in lots of ways. I’ve raised my prices and my game.
Eileen, CEO, Work In English.  

This could be you…

Is this right for you?

Find out now. Application is by conversation.

Book your conversation now and make sure of the Quick Action Bonus too!

How to apply

Book a no-obligation chat with me now to find out more and see how this fits for you:

Do it now – so you’re eligible for the Quick Action Bonus.

* Note: I’ve put a cap on the numbers in the group to keep it small and exclusive. That way I’m sure you can you get my personal attention and help. So don’t delay! Act now.

BONUS: Money Breakthrough Call

The next 5 applicants to be accepted will each gain the Quick Action Bonus “Money Breakthrough” 1:1 session (valued at £697). In this call I personally take you through a structured process that has the power to transform your money beliefs.

This invaluable private call with me enables you to achieve your own breakthrough from money beliefs that hold you back. (Value: priceless). Clients call it ‘amazing’ ‘exceptional’ ‘a breakthrough’, viz:

“Really valuable session. Thank you so much. It really feels like a breakthrough. I can feel a weight off my shoulders already.” Sue

“I just love it (the result). I’m so grateful. I’ve had a lifetime of carrying this. Getting clear and the complexity is amazing. Thank you so much.”

If you’re interested, act now…..

Don’t miss out on the super Quick Action Bonus!

Book your conversation here 

No slot that suits you in my calendar? Email with times that suit you – I usually have some flexibility in my schedule.


Alison Haill is an experienced executive business coach and a founder member of the Trusted Coach Directory, who has run her own coaching consultancy for 22 years. She has built these programmes for entrepreneurs with service-based businesses to share what she has learnt herself so other coaches can build a profitable sustainable business too – even during a pandemic, as the comments above show. Having invested ££££s over the years learning from marketing experts, Alison has distilled the essence of all this into what really works so she can share it with other coaches, trainers and consultants – so they too can enjoy financial freedom and business success from their expertise.

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