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The Association for Coaching (AC) is pleased to welcome Dave Tee to speak at this 2hr Virtual event. As coaches, we are often all too aware of the role that a client’s beliefs, values or assumptions play. This session will explore their thinking habits – or meta-cognitive patterns: the habitual and usually subconscious ways in which they filter and make sense of what is happening in their jobs and in their lives.


About this Event:

The event will be split into roughly four segments:

1.Introduction to the concept, its relevance to coaching and the benefits of being mindful of and able to work with client thinking habits.

2.Explanation of four specific patterns, what they mean and how they might be detected in how your client speaks and behaves.

3. Short syndicate activity – using the prompt questions in the handouts – relating these patterns to current/past clients and exploring implications for matching, chemistry and ways of being with such clients

4. Plenary debrief discussion and pointers towards ‘next steps’ resources for coaches interested in deepening their understanding


In this Virtual Event you will learn:

  • The role that meta-cognitive patterns (thinking habits) play in how your client – and you – makes sense of the world
  • How these influence the way your client behaves and the choices they make
  • Specific thinking habits to watch for in coaching – and how to identify them
  • How to work with client thinking habits in coaching


Speaker Bio

Dave Tee is an experienced coach and coach supervisor, has trained over 1500 aspiring coaches and worked as a consultant with organisations seeking to set up and maintain coaching cultures. A BPS-registered coaching psychologist, Dave is Editor of the journal ‘The Coaching Psychologist’ and contributor to The Trainee Coach Handbook, Coaching Researched and The Coaches’ Handbook.

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