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How Can Coaching Platforms Activate Climate Coaching?








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This 90-minute workshop, hosted by the AoEC, will seek the views of practising coaches about the role of coaching platforms and how they can incentivise positive climate action.

Some background:

As one of the world’s leading executive coach training companies, the AoEC is committed to being at the leading edge of coach development. By partnering with Hoolr, together they are offering all participants of their public Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching access to a brand new digital platform- GATHER.
An important aspect of the platform is building functionality with purpose. We are in the process of focusing on how we can empower coaches to have more meaningful conversations with their clients surrounding the climate. 

Please note that all coaches are welcome to join this session, not just those who are affiliated with the AoEC.

Where: Zoom (details to follow if you wish to attend)
When: 8th of July 10.00am- 11.30am

If you would like to join us, please email to receive the Zoom meeting details.

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