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The EMCC Higher Education (HE) Coaching and Mentoring SIG is proudly launching its first session where we ask for your valuable contribution as a coach, mentor and/or expert working in the higher education sector.

To maximise impact, we invite you to adopt the famous GROW model – by John Whitmore – and structure your reflections this way:

Goal: How can coaching and mentoring serve HE?

Reality: Where are coaching and mentoring initiatives currently embedded in HE, in what capacity and how is its impact measured?

Options: How can we collaborate to enhance good practice, and disseminate coaching and mentoring research to better serve HE?

Will: How do we drive this SIG forward to refine our initial goals and better serve HE?

When filling out the registration form, kindly share, in one sentence, what comes to your mind when answering this initial goal question: How can coaching and mentoring serve HE?

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