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Hosted by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council
Hosted by Andrew Parsons PhD, this virtual group is open to all EMCC UK members and non-members who have an interest in, or work in the Health & Wellbeing Coaching & Mentoring Sector. The intent is to meet bi-monthly with guest speakers, networking opportunities, latest thoughts on coaching and mentoring techniques, accreditation, CPD and aims to build a specific community with shared experiences.

In 2022 Hannah completed her research titled “Exploring the independent self-reflection of coaches and the impact of independent self-reflection on coaching practice”. This research explored the nature and impact of self-reflection of eight practicing coaches. The research suggested that self-reflective practice developed in a variety of ways over time, in terms of competence, complexity and outcomes for coaches. In this session Hannah will invite us to explore our self-reflective practices and specifically ask us to consider our own approaches to self-reflective practice and how these can be investigated and developed to bring new insights.

Hannah Butler, Director for Coaching Practice EMCC UK
Hannah is a qualified coach and trainer. She has worked in education and training for over 20 years, in leadership and management for 15 years and at senior level for over 10 years. She has a deep knowledge, understanding and experience of the challenges of leadership. Hannah is a true believer in active learning, encouraging individuals and teams to be active participants in their training and facilitation.

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