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Hosted by TCD, Business Coach and Mentor Jackie Jarvis joins us to share how to make marketing feel easier.

It’s tough trying to build a coaching business when you have a resistance to sales and marketing.

You’re a qualified coach, not a marketeer…

But as a coach you know that your values and beliefs around marketing can be blocking you from taking action, even when you know what you ‘should’ be doing.

If you are recently qualified looking to build your business, or an experienced coach wanting to generate more enquiries, but hate the thought of having to pitch for work, this webinar is for you.

Business Coach and Mentor and author of ‘Quick Wins in Sales and Marketing’ Jackie Jarvis will facilitate this interactive webinar, where you will be encouraged to think about:

  • What motivates you to take action.
  • How to market your business authentically.
  • Actions to take that feel easy to put into practice.

Join us to gain confidence around positioning your services and leave with some ideas to put into practice.

Our webinars are always interactive, with breakout rooms, so please come ready to participate.

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