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Who is this for?

Coaches who are looking for a new supervision experience, or to join a supervision group.

As we know, supervision is first and foremost about self-reflection and learning. Coaches who use supervision regularly will tell you they value the time; the time to reflect on their coaching practice and the time and input to explore and develop their skills. So, supervision is about improving and growing as a coach.

Maybe you are new to supervision? If you don’t have a supervisor currently, this may be your opportunity to experience supervision in a safe, small group of like-minded coaches. You may find yourself reassured about the value of supervision, hooked even? And group supervision is very cost-effective. It may provide a stepping stone to individual supervision perhaps?

Maybe you are looking for a different supervision experience? Maybe you already have a supervisor and want to try group supervision or a change? Maybe you have experienced feedback or supervision during your training but now want support for you and your practice as it develops?

Maybe your experience is through some sort of co-coaching group? Whatever your background, in group supervision you will learn as much from the other coaches explorations of their client practice, as from your own. Group supervision offers a rich dialogue with input from the other coaches within the group. It also allows for group exploration of a common theme.

Many coaches in supervision will tell you it’s the best experience ever!

Feedback from a current supervisee:

Steve, as a coach of 26 years, I have experienced your supervision as enriching and like a wide-angled lens on my practice, with a zoom for some important moments and thoughts. I love your playful and insightful, curious approach, I love how we dance with the themes. Thank you. FW

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