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Group supervision taster - 3 hours (May 10th)








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£ 59

Group supervision taster session with Coach Supervisor

Steve Ridgley


Why should this be of interest?

Many coaches in supervision will tell you it’s the best experience ever.

Supervision provides time and space to reflect – as coaches we know the value of that, but often we skip or hurry that stage; or maybe we find it hard to do that reflection alone?

Supervision provides an opportunity to learn and grow. To explore your practice, to add new ideas, to really delve into the coach you are, or the coach you are becoming. Group supervision enables you to learn from other coaches and their client experiences.

Supervision provides a safe space to explore your client work. To unpack your strengths and your blind spots. To ensure you are being the best coach you can be for your clients.

Is this for you?

Maybe coaching supervision is new to you?

Perhaps you’re a newly qualified coach? Maybe you’ve been considering supervision for a while but just haven’t taken the leap? Perhaps you have considered supervision an expensive luxury until now?

Maybe group supervision is new to you?

Perhaps you have worked with a supervisor one to one, but are unsure about working within a group? Maybe you are drawn to group supervision as a place to learn from others, but aren’t sure about how it works? Maybe you’re not sure what to bring to explore?

Maybe you have recently qualified; had supervision whilst training, but now want to find something to support your ongoing development?

Maybe you are ready to change your supervision experience?

Perhaps you prefer face to face work and are unsure about a virtual experience?

Perhaps you have been receiving coaching supervision but want to stretch your learning with a new experience?

How does it work?

Three hours of online group supervision with up to five other coaches.  Recharge with likeminded people.  Learn from others experiences.  Build your confidence.  Grow as a coach.

Have a read here for a few more details and then pop along to Ticket Tailor here and book your place.  Only six slots available, so be quick!


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