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RIngwood, Hants


£ 125

How well is your coaching (niche) fulfilling your ‘purpose’? We can get distracted, because of many claims on us from the social and business groups we belong to; communities bring values, expectations and obligations. Alternatively, the concept of a coaching niche as a coaching community phenomenon can distract us from our underlying purpose!

Along my journey, now as soft skills coach (and as coach supervisor or mentor), I have had many conversations with coaches (and others) about their niche (or the magic in their work). Often there is something that is driving them but they just cannot put their finger on it. It’s seems related to experience(s) being frustrating in some way, with a resultant desire to help others in a similar situation.

I’m offering a group experience (3 coaches) to consider how they’re driving their current work and how that fulfils their purpose. Stepping into a group of coaches, where there are no expectations from anyone, provides the space to get a clearer picture –even blurry can be better than none – to help you guide your current intentions, for immediate action or envisioning the future.

The introductory price reflects a new format, which includes:

  • Individual Motivational Map (see
  • 1:1 discussion of your Map in relation to purpose (with Shirley)
  • An action learning group session to support coaches to air their ideas (30 minutes each) for questions, to make sense of hidden knowledge/experiences – A date is pencilled-in, but we can possibly rearrange if that suits each group member.

I have used Motivational Maps before, so the cost is primarily based on the value of knowing your motivators, assuming you’re not familiar with these Maps, to locate maximum energy.

Your Facilitator

Shirley Thompson is a highly experienced Performance and Leadership Coach, NLP Practitioner. Shirley also mentors/supervises new coaches

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