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Group Coach Supervision Taster - Who are you becoming?






Ringwood, UK


£ 50

The current crisis potentially gives even more reason to contemplate who we are becoming as coaches.

Coach Supervisor Shirley Thompson is running another taster session on her group supervision format that is aimed at supporting newer coaches, posing these questions “who am I becoming?’ and “what is helping or hindering?”.

This is an opportunity to air personal as well as client-coaching challenges, including development of your niche, philosophies, models, principles: thus your identity.

Try this session to gauge how group supervision could support you.

Once there are 3 interested coaches a convenient day and time for all can be decided. 16th June 2.30-5pm is currently reserved.

Shirley does offer 1:1 coach-supervision sessions, but these can feel expensive for coaches who are establishing themselves, hence this alternative introductory session, using an action learning set that aims to keeps personal development in focus. Coaches can be very different thus a group can provide a rich, shared experience.

If you value the session, there will be an opportunity to join a more regular group in future, but there is no commitment by taking part in this taster.

It’s important to have regular supervision as a coach:

  • To model a learning journey as a role-model for your clients.
  • To explore your own perspective of your coaching.
  • To know that you are developing too. As for your clients, it’s not just that you’ve been on training course A, B or C, it’s what you’re doing with the learning that matters.

The participation cost in Shirley’s groups will be £75 from July 2020.

The investment for this taster is just £50 per coach and 2.5 hours, aimed at those who’ve not had coach supervision with her before.

If you’re not sure or you’re struggling with income at the moment, then still get in touch with Shirley to discuss what you think you currently need. (A larger group session might be possible if there is sufficient interest.)

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