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Alex Kergall is a Performance / Executive coach based in London – and is looking for 30 certified coaches to participate in an exciting pilot running between October 1st & November 30th!

Alex would like to invite coaches who want to progress in their career and who are curious about discovering a powerful introspective behavior tool. Alex will onboard the first 30 certified coaches who want to participate – Coaches languages covered : English, French, German and Spanish.

The onboarding is now open & runs until September 28th

More details below:

  • Who is Alex Kergall?
  • What is the Global Performance Index?
  • Should I take part to the Pilot?
  • Why a pilot?
  • What’s in it for me?
  • What is the next step?

Join the GPI pilot


Who is Alex Kergall?

Alex is a leading European performance coach certified with ICF. Alex lives in London and is originally from France.

His love for Cross-Country running took him to French national championship level, which is the root for his engagement into Performance coaching.

He started his coaching career in 2017 after years spent working for the NBA ( National Basketball Association). More recently, Alex received a few awards ( Most innovative coach in London for 2021,  top coach in London 2 years in a row). In 2022, Alex entered in the Forbes Coaches Council (an invitation only council with less than 1% of the coaches). These accolades are primarily the result of the innovation Alex brought to the coaching industry with the Global Performance Index – the GPI –

More recently the GPI received an award from Greater London Enterprise.

Originally the GPI was built for Elite Athletes – The objective was to go faster to the core of things & offer a way to measure the impact of the coaching. The tool has now grown a larger audience – currently helping people from various walks of life & across many countries. Alex’s clients are from all over the world – They are mainly entrepreneurs, traders, CEOs, artists, footballers & executives.

What is the GPI?

The Global Performance Index (GPI) is an introspective behaviour self-report which measures performance and progress in personal development. The GPI was developed to focus on the mental health for High Performers, it is now used from a broad range of coachees. Its approach embraces a holistic view of Performance: Mind-Body-Heart-Spirit.

The GPI is a battlefield-tested tool that has been scrutinised by various coaches and psychologists. It has been used by more than 300 coachees to date and is available in English, French, German and Spanish.

The GPI brings a simple 2-page visual reports into your coaching space, that accelerates the coaching process & gives comfort to the coachee that a tangible baseline has been created. The GPI is something new in the world of independent psychometric tests – comprised of 50+ questions taken online, once answered the coach receives an automated coachee report within seconds.

See a Visual of the GPI

Feedback received from Evy, a coach who has been using the GPI in English, Spanish and French over the last 12 months:

As a coach working with entrepreneurs, managers and individuals, using the GPI has been a great added value to my coaching.

This tool provides me with a great framework in the first and last sessions with each of my clients. I can efficiently analyse their points of improvements and strengths in a clear and insightful manner.

All my clients appreciated going through the GPI and reported that it helped them tremendously spot some connections between the different Pilar’s (Mind, Body, Spirit, heart) to understand certain behaviours.”

Should I take part in this pilot?  Yes, absolutely – for 3 reasons:

  • The GPI addresses 3 issues of the coaching industry.
  • Makes your sales process easier: It is not a secret that coaches find the selling process to be a daunting exercise.
  • Makes your first session a holistic & solid conversation allowing you to go faster to the heart of things.
  • Measures the impact of coaching : The GPI is taken as your coachee starts and finishes their coaching journey. It allows you to measure your impact & justify your fees.
  • The GPI will allow you to nourish yourself with a different way to coach your clients.
  • There is no catch and it is free – only a feedback questionnaire at the end of this pilot!

Why a pilot?

After developing the GPI for years, I reached a stage where it can be offered to the coaching community.

The first step is to test the GPI with fellow coaches to assess if coaches see the same value, I see in it.

If the pilot is successful, I may start licensing the GPI in the world from early 2023.

Join the GPI pilot

What’s in it for me?

I sincerely believe this is an opportunity for you to test a new tool that could help you look at thing from a different angle.

The GPI will never replace your coaching – the GPI is a tool that will facilitate & streamline the impact you can deliver as a coach.

Like all my clients, I know your clients will appreciate the holistic light you offer by the GPI, whether you are starting with them or you are in middle of your coaching.

What are the next steps?

  • If you are a qualified coach & willing to use the GPI for 8 weeks, please click here
  • The pilot will give you access to a unique link connected to your email box – with the GPI available in 4 languages: English, French, German and Spanish.
  • The GPI will be sent to the email address you have shared with us within seconds after the GPI is completed by your coachee.
  • Before the Pilot starts, I will share another email with precise direction on how to read the GPI, drive your session and blow away your client!
  • At the end of the pilot, I will ask you to answer a survey to collect feedback.

Feel free to ask me questions, otherwise, I hope to welcome you in the pilot. Register your interest before 28 September.

This exciting pilot is running between October 1st & November 30th!

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