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How to keep yourself and your colleagues out of drama, by asking powerful questions that make thinking visible and test one’s assumptions.

Many encounters with HR start with a staff member or manager saying:

“Can I ask your advice about something…?”

“Have you got 5 minutes………?”

“I’ve got this problem and I really don’t know what to do.”

It’s flattering to be asked for advice and it’s nice to feel we know the answers to something!

But how often do you find people aren’t acting on your valuable advice? Or find yourself jumping to conclusions about what the problem is, or about the person telling it? Or find yourself mediating between a manager and staff member because a misunderstanding has led to conflict?

And if you’re working with company executives, their teams, or HR managers, how often are you coaching your clients through such scenarios?

If this sounds familiar, come along to our webinar facilitated by TCD Leadership Coach Diana Gibbs on Wednesday 12 April for a reminder of how asking questions, suspending judgment and, for a time, withholding giving advice enables you to become more aware of what the core issue is and of what emotions are running.

Discover how asking powerful questions with a clear intention can help you get to the nub of the issue and achieve deeper insight for yourself and your colleagues.

This session is strictly for:

  • Inhouse HR/L&D professionals
  • Senior Leaders/Managers
  • TCD Full and Community Members

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