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From What If to What Next: Combining therapy and coaching with Tracey Hartshorn








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Therapy and coaching are on the same continuum and practitioners offer similar skills to their client’s empathy, a non-judgmental ear, empowerment and a belief that clients can find a way forward that is more helpful for them.

In bringing these two approaches together coaches are able to work holistically and enable clients to explore:

  • their past and what’s holding them back – their ‘What ifs’
  • their future and what will pull them forward – their ‘What nexts’.

The event will explore the differences and similarities between the two approaches and how to effectively combine these in support of your clients. The format of the event combines:

  • an overview and introduction to the model and process
  • the opportunity for discussion in small groups
  • large group Q&A to explore the opportunities and challenges of working with this model

In This Virtual Event You Will Learn:

  • How therapeutic practice can be incorporated into your coaching activity
  • The value of structure and clarity in hybrid working
  • Understanding the ethical and contractual implications of working in a hybrid approach
  • Boundaries and competence: the value of supervision
  • Self-awareness, CPD and building your support system

Speaker Bio

Tracey Hartshorn is a Psychotherapist, Leadership Coach, Coaching Mentor and supervisor in private practice. After 25 years in the UK public sector working as an Accountant and culminating in a senior role as an NHS Programme Director, Tracey realised she wasn’t going to change the world with a sharpened pencil and well-designed spreadsheet. Retraining within the NHS as a Coach and moving into Leadership Development work brought new awareness for Tracey resulting in a complete career change. Tracey specialises in working with leaders in/at risk of burnout, leaders who are neuro-divergent, trauma recovery, and mentoring and supervision of psychotherapists and coaches. She is also the author of a new book “The Should Stick” published in January 2023.

Tracey’s motto underpins everything she now offers “Be Proud ~ Be True ~ Be You

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