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‘From Symbolism to Substance’ workshop








For Coaches


£ Free Members / £25 Non Members

Organised by APECS, the Association for Professional Executive Coaching & Supervision

A webinar hosted by the EDI working group members: Rajwant Bains, Steve Couch, Carolyn Didsbury, Will James, Ian Ross, and Heike Saxer-Taylor.

Seize the opportunity to go deeper with your community of world class coaches and supervisors, in these powerful group inquiry conversations.

Learn more about how you can grow more inclusive and be inspired by your colleagues’ commitment to deep, authentic, ongoing development in the energizing context of professionals gathering with mutual intent.

This series is for practicing coaches, team coaches and supervisors determined to take their learning forward in the area of EDI. Only together, can we create the change our world needs, in ourselves and in our community.

The format will be a brief welcome and introduction, an extended breakout room discussion, and then reconvening to share reflections, insights and new learning.

Join us to reflect, explore and capture the learning the coaching community needs to drive greater inclusion within ourselves, within APECS, and within the global coaching community.

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