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Followership: The Critical Basis for Team Success








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What is ‘followership’ and how does it determine your team’s performance?

About this event

Often considered as the flipside of leadership, followership is the ability to take direction and be a valuable team member. How well followers deliver on what is expected of them is as important as how well leaders lead the way. When followership fails, objectives are not achieved and teams are left with unplanned outcomes.

In this event, Squadron Leader Gary (Tosh) McIntosh, adept coach, course designer and RAF Strategic Training Officer, will:

  • Outline the different team conditions that can lead to poor followership, including low morale and poor work ethic
  • Reveal tips and techniques to help you cultivate positive team environments
  • Detail the negative consequences of weak followership, such as unsatisfied customers, lost opportunities and weak competitiveness
  • Provide insight on how to actively maximise your team’s success as a result of strong followership

Join this hour-long CMI event to develop your knowledge through Gary’s extensive training experience, and explore how followership can ensure your team’s objectives are met.

Our Speaker

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Suadron Leader Gary (TOSH) McIntosh, MA (ED) BA (HONS) RAF, Strategic Training Officer, RAF Elite Officer Training Academy

In 1990 Tosh left his hometown of Dundee to join the RAF as a Physical Training Instructor. After many years fully utilising the opportunities available to him whilst working in the adventurous training environment, he commissioned as a Personnel Training Officer in 2005. Although this decision meant he would do many varied support roles, his natural resonance was with people, training and organisational development.

Feeling the urge to test his experience outside the RAF, he left in 2016 to work at Priory Group. Starting as the Learning and Development Business Partner, he became the Head of Learning and Development in 2017. Priory Group is a private healthcare company with 30k staff spread over 450 sites nationally. Primarily accountable to NHS Trust, his team provided learning and development support to all sites and staff for regulatory and clinical assurance compliance like Ofsted and CQC.

Having re-joined the RAF in Jun 20 as OC of Training and Development Squadron in the Learning and Development Wing of RAF Officer Training Academy. His main responsibilities are to

link development with delivery and to review current philosophy to wider training strategies, this is a transformational post for the unit. Using projects such as MERCURY, SOCRATES, PORTAL and ASTRA to remain consistent in how staff and students think and behave throughout these strategic projects is where adding value is measured for our next generation air force.

Thinking he would become a schoolteacher, Tosh self-studied to achieve a Master’s in Education, he is yet to be a schoolteacher but is extremely comfortable at the RAF Officer Training Academy developing staff to get the best from the students who want to commission in the RAF.

Married to Kirsty, with two children. He keeps a positive mindset regarding the outdoors, exercise, especially skiing and football; he even coaches his son’s team because standing on the side-line keeping quiet was not an option.

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