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Focus & Resilience in a Fast-Changing World - IoD Advance Insight Online Workshop








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The Coronavirus pandemic has certainly changed our world, both personally and professionally.

How has your focus and resilience been impacted over the last 3 months? How will you manage yourself to manage the challenges that will inevitably lie ahead? Now more than ever our focus and resilience is being,  and will continue to be put to the test.

This 1-hour interactive online workshop with Meryl Gilbert aims to provide an increasingly rare opportunity to pause and reflect to consider:-

  • the things that waste our time, and how to mitigate for them
  • how to develop the resilience we need to stay focused
  • why we procrastinate, the impacts it has for us in terms of getting stuff done, and how to deal with it.

The workshop aims to provide you with useful insights, tools and strategies to support you achieving all that you need and want to achieve in the months that lie ahead.

Interested, then why not join Meryl and others on 7th July 2020 at 13:00 BST to find out more.







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