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FitBrainFitBodyFitBusiness (FB3)






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FitBrainFitBodyFitBusiness (FB3) is planned as a face to face event on November 5th 2020*. Our aim is to help people get a sense of perspective back into their lives and their businesses.

You’ll learn how to create strategies to develop your brain, your body and your business that will support you as you ‘rebuild’ now and in the future.

The connection between mindset and growth has been well documented yet when times are tough some of us find ourselves slipping into ‘bad’ habits. The impact… we forget to do the things that make us feel good about ourselves. We neglect our mind; we stop training and we become ‘obsessed’ in the business without thinking about how to move forwards.

In this half day event you will hear from 3 specialists in their field that will help you reconnect and get back on track:

Lisa LLoyd: Psychologist & Psychotherapist, Founder of “It’s Time for Change”

George Anderson: Wellbeing-Performance-Mindset Expert, Coach and Speaker

Philip Rose: Coach and Founder of Ignium, Enabling Leadership Development and Business Growth

*(the event may need to go virtual depending on Government guidelines)

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