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This autumn, TCD Executive Coach Jeanette Pratt will be running a 12 week Fresh Air Fridays programme called ‘Feel Good, Work Well’.

The programme starts on the evening of 22nd September and bookings are already open.

The way the programme works is that you go for a walk locally on your own, whilst listening to a high quality audio session recording. You can do this at any time to suit you. Each audio session guides you through your own outdoor Fresh Air Fridays session, and this includes most of the aspects we cover on a normal Fresh Air Fridays outdoor session, such as a breathing exercise, mindful tuning into senses, that week’s topic and a meditation.

There is also a weekly one hour on-line call with Jeanette and a small number of fellow participants to explore what came up for you in your session. The 12 topics include ‘Filling yourself up first’, ‘Control’, ‘Happy relationships’, ‘Self belief’ and ‘Being present’.

The beauty of this programme is that there is no problem if there are any future coronavirus restrictions and it doesn’t matter where you live – you can still access the programme.

This new audio programme is amazing and the safe on-line space provided by Jeanette is a great place to explore key issues in a supportive environment.  You really do get the opportunity to embed positive new habits, whilst being supported by me and a small group of like-minded people.

Here are some comments from the last programme Jeanette ran:

  • ‘I encourage anyone exploring how to focus on their well-being or looking for support and techniques to help them every day, to join this programme. Everything that the facilitators provide will be of benefit for years to come.’ Dan
  • ‘It has revolutionised the way I feel about myself and highlighted the changes that I need and want to make.’ Debs

If you’d like to discuss whether this is right for you at this time, please contact Jeanette at to arrange a call.

Further information can be found here and you can purchase the programme here


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