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Exploring Trust Issues with our Coaching Clients








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£ 25 + VAT (Free to members)

Hosted by APECS, the Association for Professional Executive Coaching & Supervision.

A webinar hosted by Andy Matheson.

Trust is such a big word and has so many meanings. Clients will often talk about trust issues at work and wish to talk these through. Inevitably this conversation moves into talking about other people and indeed, the culture of teams. This workshop will focus on helping our clients to think through how they build trust with individuals in the team, with colleagues and with their boss and perhaps even their customers and clients

During this workshop, we will:

  • Share our own definitions of trust in an organisation context
  • Share common dilemmas for coaching our clients where trust is an issue
  • Explore the inevitable ‘ghosts in the room’ as our discussions bring other people into the conversation
  • Explore a framework for discussing trust based on the principle that our client needs to own the relationships
  • Share insights and perspectives from our coaching practice
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