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Exploring the Scope of Practice for coaches and supervisors in times of stress and distress








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Hosted by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC UK).

With increasing demands placed on professional and personal lives, the occurrence of stress and distress in our clients is more common.
How coaches and supervisors work on this boundary depends on their experience, training and coaching approach or orientation.The SIG would like to invite you to contribute to the discussion over the next three events this year.

This discussion will outline a range of ethical, educational and practice approaches used within the coaching and therapy.

Session 1: Scope of Practice (20 Sept)
Session 2: Managing our boundaries (18 Oct)
Session 3: Safeguarding. What do we need to know and do? (15 Nov)

In the first session, we will explore how to define our “scope of practice” to navigate the boundaries of professional practice between development and therapy.

At the end of the session, you will have:
• Access to a range of ethical perspectives and examples of scope of practice across different coaching and therapy orientations
• Enhanced awareness of the incidence and triggers of stress and distress
• Awareness of a variety of resources for the care of ourselves and our clients
• Develop an initial scope of practice for yourself.


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