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Exploring Power and Influence in Coaching








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Hosted by APECS, the Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision.

Exploring Power and Influence In Coaching

Join us to explore how our questions can enable our clients to think through their sources of power and influence.

A webinar hosted by Andy Matheson.

Power and influence are common themes in Executive Coaching. Our clients can find real challenges in making things happen and getting this done in an organisation whilst navigating the complexity of organisation politics, structure and culture.

As a coach, we don’t have the answers, of course, but our questions can enable our client to think through their sources of power and influence and how they might progress positively.

This workshop will provide the opportunity to:

  • Review and discuss our definitions of power and the sources of power in an organisation from a client perspective
  • Debate sources of power and influence for the coach (which is also relevant of course)
  • Review a framework for opening a discussion on sources of power with our clients to raise awareness of the issues
  • Explore the potential pitfalls of overdone strengths for our clients
  • Share ideas from our network on this complex topic
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