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Following the “Theory into Practice” workshops in April 2022 hosted by Andy Jones, Ant Mitchell, Rajwant Bains, Will James, and Eve Turner, there was a great keenness to continue exploring widely and freely.

With the help of a co-facilitator, Julie Allan, there will be three dates (in September, November, and January) to enable this dialogue group to continue.

The idea going forward is that, as in April, we will open up a topic, really explore a subject to the point where it may even bring up a bit of tension or discomfort, share thinking and learning, and all in a lovely safe APECS space!

APECS along with a number of other professional coaching and supervision bodies, is a signatory to the Global Code of Ethics, the focus in September’s session was on this paragraph, 2.8:

“Members should be guided by their client’s interests and at the same time raise awareness and responsibility to safeguard that these interests do not harm those of sponsors, stakeholders, wider society, or the natural environment.”

Francine is going to lead the topic for the discussion on November 29th. This is a sneak preview of a chapter she has written for a book coming out next year, “The Ethical Coaches’ Handbook.” It is a topic that is rarely discussed in my experience…

“When a coach prepares promotional activities, the goal is usually transactional: persuading a client to “choose me”. There are overlooked ethical aspects of this approach. An ethical mindset asks us to consider our blind spots and biases. Using social media creates three identities: who we are, who we present, who the client believes us to be.”


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