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This event is hosted by the ICF.


Are you an Internal Coach working in an Organisation who would like to consider the specific ethical challenges of coaching in this space?

In this workshop we will consider the ICF Code of Ethics and explore the challenges faced by Coaches working in organisations as jobs+ or full time Coaches.

The workshop will provide the space to consider situations an Internal Coach may find themselves in and ethical responses to these.


Presenter – Lynsey Weir

Lynsey joined the UK ICF Board in September 2019, her particular areas of responsibility are Credentialing and Ethics.

Lynsey has been a member of the UK ICF since 2010. A PCC credentialed coach, Coach Trainer, Mentor and Supervisor, she is passionate about the professionalism of coaching and the importance of having very high standards of coaching practice particularly around ethics and qualifications and believes that the ICF supports coaches in developing their knowledge and building their competence.

Lynsey’s coaching career began as an internal coach for Prudential UK in 2006 and she went on to gain her ICF ACC credential in 2012 progressing to PCC in 2018. She delivers both ACSTH and ACTP accredited training programs, has an MA in Applied Coaching and takes her own continuous professional development seriously by continuing to research, study and evaluate current thinking so that it can be shared with clients and coaches, this includes post graduate research into ‘Imposter Syndrome’.

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