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ENVIRONMENTAL COACHING: Facilitating the Client's Dialogue with the Natural World.








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Hosted by the ICF, presented by Lilith Flanagan

Every human is a member of our planetary society. We are in a continuous conscious and subconscious relationship with the surrounding world.

Our physical, sensual and intuitive aspects of being are constantly fluctuating between self-organisation and chaos.  For example, the climate change awareness has created a wave of hopelessness among young people; but also encouraged the actions they have taken to protest against policies leading to climate change.

As coaches, we encourage our clients to notice the impact of energies they are in a relationship with.

During the Webinar we will explore how coaching can support a client who expresses care about our planet and seeks a way to contribute.

Environmental Coaching supports a client to restore their relationship with the natural world as part of their holistic well-being and evolution as a human. It empowers the

  1. Exploring the client’s relationship with Climate Change (Embodies a Coaching Mindset, Listens Actively).
  2. Facilitating the client’s engagement in a dialogue with the natural world (Cultivates Trust and Safety, Maintains Presence)
  3. Evoking new awareness about the client and their situation emerging from the dialogue with the natural world (Evokes Awareness, Listens Actively)
  4. Grounding the learning and choosing path forward (Facilitates Client Growth)
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