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Engaged for Success: How To Supercharge Your Goal Setting To Goal Getting








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The Association for Coaching (AC) is pleased to welcome Laura Royal to speak at this 1.5 hr Virtual Event. This event reviews the principles of goal setting and more importantly goal getting through knowing how to tap into a mindset of engagement for success and to help you and your clients create robust action plans – both personally and professionally.

About this Event:

Firstly, goals aren’t just for January or simply for the big and grand milestones. They can be fluid and flexible and the foundational building blocks that map out your year. That’s why we want to address the consistency of intentionally adapting digestible and achievable goals per month, quarter and per year using our ENGAGE framework.

If you or your clients feel like you’re standing still, moving backwards, or like you’ve fallen off track and are at a metaphorical crossroad and your goals appear forgotten or way off in the untenable distance — then this masterclass is a great opportunity to reset and recalibrate where you are, where you are heading and how you are going to get there.

In this Virtual Event we will:

  • Explore what you and your clients would like to have more or less of and how to make successful change and move forward
  • Use the DNA Coach ENGAGE model to help you and your clients set and get goals
  • Ask your client questions that help identify helpful habits for change to stick.

Speaker Bio

Laura Royal is an Award-Winning Trainer, Speaker and Coaching Addict who is learning obsessed. She has worked in the Coaching, Learning and Development realm for nearly 20 years, She’s an Executive Business Coach and Coach Training Provider and has worked internationally for some massive global brands on shaping their coaching and learning cultures.  She is passionate about helping people be at their best in everything they do, both personally and professionally.

At school her teachers always said she talked too much and laughed too loud, as if it were a bad thing…yet, she’s built her entire life and career around these two guiding principles becoming a trainer, coach, consultant, and public speaker as well as a being a good human being and someone who has a good sense of humour.

DNA Coach is a unique, creative, and future focused company who provide bespoke training, development and coaching solutions, which enable its clients to develop their people and culture. We don’t do stuffy or off the shelf, so having fun in a positive and innovative environment is as important as the DNA Coach business objectives. We use our superpowers to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients, whilst being people centred and creating the ability to Develop eNgage and Apply our learning.

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