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Employee Engagement during and beyond a pandemic. Self care – nudge or nag?








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Hosted by Fiona Anderson, join the lively and inspiring Darea Flanagan, Wellbeing Engagement Manager at EON, to share, learn and be inspired.

We all know that self care is important right, we all nag our kids or our partner/parents/friends to take care of themselves, or encourage/nudge our colleagues to keep active and hydrate but is it this simple? I’m going to help pick apart the research and theory and spotlight some real tangible ways that wellbeing campaigns can encourage self care for lasting behavioural change rather than nag people into momentary action. I also want to step away from the obvious clichés of 5 a day and 10,000 steps. Be prepared to be challenged and think outside of the box.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday 4th February, 16:00 – 17:00


It so happens that the date of the session 4th February is Time to Talk day – a campaign run by Time to Change, they have already released the theme which is ‘The power of small: the power to make a big difference’ a great tie in with the topic and you can sign up to find out more and access the great resources by clicking here

This is a great opportunity to meet up in a global network to learn from each other + be inspired with new ideas to take back into your workspace.

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