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Join Martin Vogel and Hetty Einzig in a 90-minute webinar for HR and L&D professionals on how supervision can support internal coaches through these challenging times.

It’s normal best practice for professional coaches to have regular supervision to reflect on their work. In complex and fast-moving organisational settings, where corner-cutting and groupthink can lead to questionable practices, supervision provides a space to find one’s ethical ground. Good supervision also helps a coach maintain their energy, and regain it when depleted.

But many who lead internal coaching networks may not have established a healthy supervision strategy in their organisation. This constitutes a risk. Coachees are not best-served by coaching that is relatively closed to the world beyond the organisation. Society evolves very fast, and can leave managers in organisations floundering as new values surge in like a tsunami (eg. the Black Lives Matter resurgence). External supervisors bring necessary perspective precisely because they link the organisation with the world outside.

In this webinar, Martin and Hetty will introduce you to ecosystems supervision, which takes account of the external dynamics affecting organisations together with a focus on the individuals within a coaching relationship. You will get a chance to experience ecosystems supervision and to discuss supervision in relation to your own coaching networks. 

Ecosystems supervision helps coaches face into the difficulty of our time with elegance and compassion. This enables them to hold the difficulty for their coachees as they explore their challenges. Given the uncertainty and anxiety that we face in the coming year and beyond, this is among the most valuable of contributions anyone can give to their organisation. If you run an internal coaching network, make it your new year’s resolution to think through how to resource your coaches for this precious role.

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