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Done is Better than Perfect - how to stop perfectionism and other limiting beliefs from holding you back








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Picture this: You’re intelligent, have the relevant expertise and work hard, but yet something stops you from achieving the recognition and success you believe you deserve.

Might that something be you? Or, rather, that negative voice in your head and those unhelpful thoughts you have that you know hold you back from doing what you know you need to do to progress, but that you can’t seem to change?

Done is Better Than Perfect – this Lunch time session explores some of the most common misconceptions, assumptions and Limiting Beliefs that many of us (men and women) experience. These include thinking that “it has to be perfect”, the “Imposter Syndrome” and shying away from taking risks in case you fail.

Cara Moore will show you how to overcome these restrictive thought and behaviour patterns by changing the way you think and changing your physical being, and if that doesn’t work then how to JFDI!!

Cara also runs sessions on:

  • The Imposter Syndrome –  introducing my signature method so you never feel a fraud again and can proudly acknowledge your achievements
  • The Female Art of Blagging with Integrity – how to confidently promote yourself, get what you want and achieve your ambitions
  • The Work-Life Conundrum – how achieving the holy grail is possible

These sessions are available in-house as a Lunch & Learn or half-day workshop and are run in conjunction with the diversity and inclusion consultancy Voice At The Table.

Testimonial from The ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) 
Cara’s workshop was holistic, covering everything from identifying and naming problems to practical tips for how to deal with them. Working with people from all over the world who had never had coaching before, she calmly took onboard all our questions and comments and helped every one who attended – despite the differences in our life experiences and struggles. She was charming and kind, and kept all 30 participants engaged for the entire session. 

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