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Discovering Constellations - Working With The Knowing Field






Highbury N1 2PB


£ 325 + VAT

Have you heard of constellations? Would you like to experience what they are and what potential benefits they may bring?

Then join us for this exploratory weekend, hosted by Coaching Development, which will consist of a series of experiences and exercises and of a number of constellations.

Constellations are ways of gaining information, but yet seem so irrational in the positive sense. Different practitioners have different understandings of how they work. One approach to using constellations is to assume that there is a ‘knowing field’ which each of us carries around us, and which we can tap into. Another is that we all have ‘representations’ of the multiplicity of elements of our lives in our minds, and can ‘real-ise’ these and the dynamics between them. Yet another approach is to assume that we can externalise aspects of ourselves and then invite these to play out their relationship with each other. This workshop simply assumes that constellations are a reality and are potentially an invaluable source of information which can lead to fundamental change.

The workshop itself will be strongly experiential. Some time will be spent on a series of structured experiences which are aspects of constellation work. The value will be to take topics into the exercises such as: ‘me, work and leisure’ or ‘me, goals, resources and obstacles’ and to experience what happens in a constellation of this type. There will also be opportunity to do some internal parts work, such as: using the ‘Inner Team’ metaphor or getting acquainted with some of your beliefs. Some time will also be spent in the whole group working on a small number of personal constellations.

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