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According to a recent CIPD survey (2023) “Fewer than half of UK employees believe their job offers good opportunities to develop their skills”

As an HR professional you understand the benefits of coaching, whether it’s engaging external coaches or training one or two of the HR team to offer coaching – but how do you engage the SLT to recognise the benefits of introducing the skills of coaching on a wider level?

Is your organisation offering opportunities to develop the skills of your employees?

Organisations need to be able to adapt and innovate quickly in today’s hybrid, fast paced business world.

Developing your leaders and managers to move from a ‘tell’ style of management to a collaborative ‘leader as coach’ style offers substantial ROI for organisations. You know that a coaching style of management & leadership encourages autonomy, enables creativity, flexibility. It provides leaders and their teams the tools to adapt in today’s business environment.

If you need ideas on how to get the buy-in from others for obtaining budget for this important and powerful training, then bring your challenges and questions to our next open webinar on Wednesday 13th September when we are joined by Accredited Leadership Coach, Mentor and coach trainer Sue Brown.

Sue will answer your questions, and be addressing many of the barriers we hear HR professionals are facing, and will share ideas and tips to help you break down those barriers.

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