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Hosted by the Association for Professional Executive Coaching & Supervision (APECS)

Discover how our language, emotions and physiology can bring about lasting changes for ourselves, our clients and the world we live in.

A webinar presented by Karen White.

We invite you to taste and experiment with this approach, hosted by Karen White, offering the chance to test bringing this vital approach into your own work.

At the heart of Ontological Coaching, which is about expanding more into who and how we are being and becoming, is a distinctive way of observing, to facilitate increasing agency and fulfilment in life. By paying attention to our language, emotions, and physiology, we can bring about lasting shifts and changes for ourselves, our clients, and the world we live in.

Ontology coaching focuses on development through the study of being. It provides a way to disrupt the cultural trance that says the world is ‘out there’ and we are actors in it. Instead, it brings into sharp focus how we are generating our reality, through how we observe ourselves, others, and the world. By paying attention in a very particular way to language, emotions, and physiology, we can automatically expand the range and choice of action we have available to us, including the way we see ourselves.

We can describe this as second-order learning, which entails learning about ourselves, the way we observe, and how we can become more potent and astute observers.

In Ontological Coaching, we encourage coachees to ask questions that help them tap into their innate resourcefulness, which opens a different way of relating to self, others and the systems.

Specifically, we will look at –

  • Language and how the choice of words, patterns of speech and conversations can have an impact on understanding, meaning-making, relationships, and results
  • How emotions and moods shape behaviour and decision-making and how, through awareness, we can cultivate emotions that are more enlivening
  • Embodiment and how we can tap into our physiology to bring about a shift in perception, thoughts, emotions, and actions

Please do come and join us for a practical introduction to this work; we’d love to meet you!

We are also offering a 3-day Ontological Coaching and Leadership programme in London:

  • 7 – 9 September 2023 – click the link here for more information.
  • 2 – 4 November 2023 – click the link here for more information.
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