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Difficult Workplace Conversations - a 30 minute taster session








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Difficult conversations at work can include anything from addressing performance issues to navigating interpersonal difference. They are an inevitable part of workplace dynamics and yet, we often find we shy away from these necessary conversations.

In this focused and practical short, snappy session hosted by TCD Leadership Coach Sarah Naidoo-Banks, you will explore key principles and techniques for how to approach and facilitate difficult conversations with greater skill and confidence. Sarah will introduce a variety of tools that you can immediately put into practice towards seeking a better outcome.

What we’ll cover:

• Setting an intention

• Managing our emotions

• How to approach the conversation with curiosity and empathy

• Assertive communication

About the presenter

Sarah Naidoo-Banks is a Business Psychologist, Executive Coach and Workplace Mediator. In 2018 she set up Think Team, and is on a mission to create safe spaces for professionals to explore who they are as a leader and solve problems creatively so they can perform at their best. She is a Principal Practitioner with the Association of Business Psychology and full member of the Association of Coaching.


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