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Join a small group of other coaches (maximum 8) to help develop your coaching practice and receive regular supervision – led by TCD Coach Supervisor Simon Hague

The next coaching development and supervision group will go live in late September /early October – contact Simon to register your interest


It is tricky in today’s workplace to maintain a level where we can develop and grow. When we are holding this space for our clients, this can be even more tricky. Imagine then, if you had the opportunity to regularly meetup in a facilitated and supervisory environment with a stable cohort of other coaches. Imagine the conversations, the explorations and the development that you could achieve.

This started as a concept idea in 2019, and we now have several cohorts running.

The agenda is constructed by the attendees and is facilitated/supervised by a trained supervisor.

  • Perhaps you have some questions about your coaching or have had an ethical challenge hit you?
  • Perhaps you want to explore something that happened in a recent coaching session that has made you ask yourself some questions?
  • Perhaps you want someone to bounce a business idea off someone, or want to talk through a marketing concept?

If these ring true, then get in touch for an initial conversation. This is to chat through your suitability to a group, explore what you are likely to achieve through joining a group and answer any questions that you may have.


Here are what some of our existing members have said about the development and supervision cohorts.

“What I have taken from the group is the real power of the collective. Simon provides a perfect environment for this and is extremely generous in what he shares. In role modelling generosity he has led the group in ‘its’ generosity. We are able to challenge and support to grow as individuals and as a group”

“As an experienced Exec Coach, I was keen to refresh my skills in terms of techniques. I was also seeking the opportunity to be involved in collaborative supervision.

I am achieving so much more. We have quickly developed a fabulous support network where we gladly share and learn from each other. Spending quality time with people who share the same belief and passion for coaching and its benefits has been food for my soul. I am also learning great techniques for group coaching thanks to Simon’s magnificent skills.”


If however, you would prefer 1 on 1 supervision – options do exist here.

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