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Demystifying the Principles and Practices of dealing with the Unexpected in Team Coaching








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Building on the success of our 1st Team Coaching Community of Practice event on 10th January 2022, we are delighted to be bringing you 4 further Community of Practice events through 2022 and the start of 2023.

Our Community of Practice aims to support team coaches to come together to reflect on their learning and experiences. This could be an experience from coaching a team, a life experience, or from a session you have attended with us, or someone else – all is welcome here 🙂

We use a reflective practice process in a very informal setting. Think of this as your Team Coach Café, a place to hang out, connect, share stories and experiences and work in small groups to reflect, review and improve your team coaching practice and continue to learn and grow as a team coach. continued learning and growth in a team coaching community.

At our 1st CoP event you gave us lots of ideas for topics that would be useful to explore together through these events. In response to your ideas, we propose a theme for this year: ‘Demystifying the Principles and Practices of Team Coaching’, taking us through the arc of a Team Coaching engagement, from positioning to design and how to deal with the unexpected.

Wednesday 11th January 5pm-6.15pm ‘Demystifying the Principles and Practices of dealing with the Unexpected in Team Coaching’

  • Exploring how to manage the unexpected and endings as a team coach
  • Establishing shared principles and practices for managing challenges and dynamics as a team coach

 For attending this session, you will receive CCEUs for the Value of 1.00 Core Competency, 0.25 Resource Development 

Each workshop will be hosted by a member of the UK ICF team who will strive to create a safe, inclusive space for you to belong. We will aim to draw on all our combined knowledge & experience as a community of practitioners, then collate and consolidate the insight gained in each session and share it back with the wider team coach community so as many benefit from this community of practice as possible.

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