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Defining the Human Business Case for Mental Health








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Strictly for inhouse HR professionals & senior leaders – hosted by Trusted Coach Directory, facilitated by TCD Executive Coach Anne Archer

Join us to discuss the impact of ignoring the Mental Health Agenda, and explore ideas to encourage your company to take more action.

  • Are you noticing an increase in stress related absenteeism?
  • Are your managers concerned about reduced productivity due to anxiety?
  • Is the senior leadership team at odds in their approach to the Mental Health agenda?

Join the conversation with other HR professionals, led by Accredited Resilience and Wellbeing TCD Coach Anne Archer.

We will be discussing the Mental Health Agenda; the business case; outcomes for the individual, the team, organisation and stakeholders.

Anne will share the stark financial and human cost of ignoring mental health issues. You will be invited to share your challenges in small confidential breakout groups, and explore ideas to take to your senior leadership team, to reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and to embrace the power of ‘well functioning minds’.

This webinar is strictly for inhouse HR professionals & senior leaders.



Anne Archer is an Accredited Executive Coach and Accredited Resilience and Well-being Coach with 15 years and over 4000 hours coaching experience. Anne has a Masters in Psychology of Well-being which included a practical component out in the field working with health. Anne is also an Editor/Author with her book 101 Coaching Strategies and Techniques still selling well 9 years on.

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