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Your presence in the coaching relationship is the determining factor as to how transformational the coaching is for both the client and yourself. In this programme we will take a deep dive into our own presences.

The sessions, facilitated by Maria Iliffe-Wood, are relaxed, reflective and experiential. The programme has the potential to make a profound difference to your coaching practice. Coaching Presence is not a skill that you learn. It is something that happens when we allow our thinking, expectations, beliefs and assumptions to fall away and we’re left with who we really are. It is a remembering more than a learning.

During the sessions, we will slow our pace and thinking down and reflect deeply on who we really are. Maria will share what she has learned about presence, since she published her book on the subject in 2014. The sessions will include a mix of quiet and written reflection and you will have opportunities to experience presence in relationship with other members of the group.

The agenda is very loose and will be responsive to what emerges from the collective presence of the group.

The programme consists of eight x 90 minute online sessions, spread over two weeks. The next programme starts on Monday 14th Sept 2020 and will finish on Thursday 24th Sept 2020, and the sessions will run Monday to Thursday and from 2pm – 3.30pm each day. To get the most out of this programme you need to attend every session.

Maria offers a flexible tariff for all her services. Click here for the range of tariffs and the related terms and conditions for this programme. Please note that numbers are capped for each tariff option, and there is a maximum of eight places on each programme.

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